Catering Menu

If you have a food allergy, intolerance or sensitivity, please talk to us about ingredients in our dishes before you place your order.


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Click on any menu item to add to your order. Many of our platters are priced per person and have a minimum order requirement. Please write any additional instructions or requests in the comment box upon checkout.


  *2 pieces per person

Gourmet wraps, brioche & Turkish bread(cut to share) filled with our favourite special combinations of:


Freshly made bacon & egg wraps, rolls, sandwiches complimented with tomato & BBQ sauce cut to share. Vegetarian options available.

  *1 cup per person

An assortment of fresh fruit salad cups & house made bircher muesli & yoghurt cups garnished with fresh fruit, nuts & berries combinations.


  *2 pieces per person

Filled with all of our finest combinations, double smoked ham & cheese, turkey & cranberry, swiss cheese & tomato, smoked salmon & cream cheese.



A selection of our favourite tarts and slices from our display cut to share.


A variety of our most popular banana breads. Pear & raspberry, banana & coconut & fruit & nut cut to share.


Sourced from the finest gluten free cakes & slices cut to share.

  *2 pieces per person

A variety of mini danishes, croissants & muffins complimented with an assortment of jams and spreads.


  *1 piece per person

Freshly baked large muffins infused with our own creations such as white chocolate & strawberries, apple & cinnamon, mixed berry, passionfruit &orange & poppy seed.


Burgers & Combos


Lettuce, tomato, beetroot, onion and  BBQ sauce


Lettuce, patty , tomato , beetroot , onion , bacon , egg , cheese &Read More


w tomato & BBQ sauce 8-10ppl


w sweet chilli& sour cream 8-10ppl


Lettuce, patty , tomato , beetroot , onion , cheese & BBQ  sauce


Lettuce, grilled chicken, avocado, tomato and aioli


Schnitty with lettuce, tomato, cheese & Mayo


Lettuce, southern style chicken, tomato , coleslow and chipotle sauce


Marinated chicken breast, lettuce, tomato &Tzaziki


Lettuce, steak , tomato , feta cheese, onion  & BBQ  sauce  


  *Ideal for groups of 10-12 ppl

12 Cheese Triangles
12 Satay Skewers 
12 Calamari
12 Schnitty Strips
12 Mini Vegetable Spring Rolls 
12 Mini Quiche
12 Mini Falafels
(Includes sauces)

  *Ideal for groups of 15-20 ppl

24 Mini Pies
24 Mini Sausage Rolls
24 Cheese & Spinach Triangles
24 Vegetarian Spring Rolls
(Includes sauces)


Make your own platter minimum 9 times

  *Ideal for groups of 20 ppl

24 Assorted Mini Sliders
24 Chicken Satay Sticks
24 Cheese & Spinach Triangles
24 Mini Quiche
24 Frittata Cubes

  *Ideal for groups of 15-20 ppl

24 Fish Cocktails
24 Large Calamari
24 Prawn Cutlets
1x Lge Bowl of Chips or Salad
(Includes sauces)

  *Served individually

Our gluten free sliced bread sandwiches are sure to impress with our mouthwatering fillings to suit your dietary requirements.

  *Recommended 1 ½ sandwiches per person

Our colourful wraps consist of white, brown, spinach & sundried tomato tortilla wraps with our gourmet & exotic combinations of fillings, which is sure to entice, & includes vegetarian options (cut to share).

  *Recommended 2 pieces per person

French style mini brioche & assorted mini bagels filled with fresh delicacies.

  *Recommended 1 ½ sandwiches per person

One of our finest platter arrangements with a selection of gourmet rolls, brioche & sourdough’s filled with our fresh &favourite combinations, relishes & aioli’s.

  *Recommended 1 ½ sandwiches per person

Gourmet sliced bread s/w consisting of white, brown, multi grain & rye cut into triangles filled with our fresh ingredients& vegetarian options.

  *Recommended 2 pieces per person

Our fresh traditional Turkish flat bread sandwiches are sure to impress with our gourmet fillings &favourite combinations.


Freshly cut deli style cold meats, olives, marinated bell peppers, capsicum, sundried tomato strips & artichokes served with crackers, wafers & bread sticks


A classic spread of cheese, dried fruits, nuts & crackers


A variety of gourmet dips, pestos and cheeses accompanied with bread sticks, water crackers& wafers


A selection of dips served with celery & carrot sticks, wafers& water crackers


Fresh selections of seasonal fruit


A large array of sushi